• What is Speech Therapy?

    Speech therapy is the treatment for children with speech and/or language disorders. Common communication problems in children include Articulation, Language and Fluency (stuttering).

  • Signs to Look For

    If you have any question at all regarding your child’s speech or language development, it is almost always best to pursue a professional opinion. Once a communication disorder has been detected, therapy should begin as early as possible.

  • Services We Provide

    Communication Corner offers speech therapy services which can be offered in a range of settings either in the clinic, home, kindergarten or school setting. You do not require a referral to be seen by a speech pathologist.


I took my 3 year old daughter to see Anisha for 8 sessions during August to December 2012. I was thoroughly impressed with Anisha’s professionalism, interaction with myself and my daughter, and direction when teaching me the steps of the Lidcombe program to practice at home to help alleviate my daughter’s stutter. Anisha was very engaging with my daughter and made the sessions a fun experience for her. I would highly recommend Anisha to anyone seeking assistance with speech matters, and I thank her for making my daughter’s first year of kinder a smooth process for her and our family.
Fiona Robinson